Cotton Cleaning

For our OE Spinning, the cotton procurement for the entire year is done at the beginning of the cotton season to ensure good and consistent quality of yarn round the year. Contamination is physically removed along the Blendomat and once again on the Conveyor in white and UV light before entering the Blowroom line. Automatic Contamination sorter is installed in the Blowroom and Drawframes to further minimise the contamination levels.

Spinning Preparatory

The spinning preparatory consists of a Trutzschler Blowroom line with Blendomat, Trutzschler Cards and Trutzschler Drawframes equipped with both long-term and short-term auto leveling.

Open End Spinning

OE Spinning consists of Schlafhorst SE9 240 rotor machines equipped with Corolab, which guarantees excellent uniformity and minimum imperfections in the yarn.

Weaving Preparation

Warping consists of a high speed Warper and Sizing consists of a fully computerised sizing machine with double sow-box.


The weaving room consists of Airjets and Sulzers capable of making narrow and wide-width fabrics.

Packing and Stuffing

The fabric is packed either in Bales or Rolls and the container is stuffed and sealed in the premises and sent directly to the port to avoid any damage to the fabric.


Power Generation

A captive power plant ensures an uninterrupted working environment which in-turn ensures on-time deliveries.

Housing & Welfare

We are an organisation that look beyond the basic necessities of our employees. A fully furnished housing complex and canteen is provided for all our staff and workers where meals are given at very subsidised prices. We also provide a playground for children and free transportation to schools and the market place.

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